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Schedule calls, lessons, meetings and much more using a simple calendar and booking flow designed to increase your conversion rates.

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Level up your workflow

See how Timly can Increase the speed and efficacy of your current workflow.

Teaching & Coaching

If you find yourself scheduling 1-on-1 lessons or coaching sessions through slow email exchanges, Timly is the right tool for you.

You will be able to speed up the process and increase the conversion rate of your booking funnel with a simple and intuitive scheduling flow.

Enroll Students

Charging for your lessons is as simple as defining your availability and connecting your preferred payment gateway. You will be ready to go in a few minutes.

Track progress

Following the progress of all your students can be a mess. With Timly you will be able to provide a fast and organized way to schedule sessions with your team.

Evaluation Sessions

Your students or students' parents with busy schedules will appreciate scheduling sessions without having to send back-and-forth emails.

Sales & Recruiting

Whether you work in a sales or recruiting team, Timly's features can power up all kinds of work routines.

Increase your conversion rate by providing a good-looking and straightforward scheduling flow and powerful integrations that will make your work easier.

Funnel's Best Friend

Combine our scheduling system with a well-designed sales funnel to drastically increase the number of appointments for your compa


Automatically add appointments to your calendars, create meeting rooms in your favorite app, send instructions, and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

Save Time

Our booking flow is designed to save a lot of time for back-and-forth emailing. A faster team saves thousands of dollars to any company.
Woman making a sales call

Support & Onboarding

First impressions and a good support score are precious assets for any digital company.

Top-notch Onboardings

Design killer customer onboarding flows that will make your customers fall in love with your product. First impressions are essential for keeping new customers.

Valuable Support

Giving near and fast support to valuable customers is key to gaining your trust and confidence and developing long-lasting relationships.

For Professionals

Give a professional impression to your stakeholders by using a well-organized scheduling flow with a superb user experience.

Powerful and flexible features

With many integrations and customizations available, we designed Timly to fit and enhance any workflow.


Require additional information from people scheduling your events through customizable forms.


Request a payment to book an appointment with you or your team. Many gateways are on the way!

Custom Domains

Host your scheduling pages and send email communications using your domain names.


Timly is made for teams. You will be able to invite your mates and set up availability calendars for them.


We know flexibility is key, so we are constantly adding new integrations to the platform.


Make it yours. Adapt it to your branding with logos, favicons, accent colors, fonts, and much more.


We are a young company and use the latest technologies to build our features to have a durable platform.


The platform has been optimized with the best practices to provide reliable but super-fast infrastructure.

Get lifetime access with a one-time payment

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Unlimited everything

For professionals

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  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited schedules
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited members
  • Custom branding
  • Custom domain
  • Editable notifications
  • Custom redirections
  • Group events (coming soon)

I've been playing around with Timly and I think it has a bright future. I love the usability when managing bookings. It's certainly promising, can't wait to see the final version.

Pedro SEO de Palo Seco Studio
Pedro SEO
CEO, Palo Seco Studio

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